Bonjour, ladies! Welcome to Caroline’s official blog! We look forward to spreading our love of beauty to the blogosphere for all our lovely fans!

For starters, let’s begin by properly introducing ourselves. It all started ten years ago with Carol Aw, a Beauty Trainer looking for the perfect solution for her child’s serious acne (I’m sure we can all relate!). After she found it, she turned her success into a complete skin care range for her child’s beauty needs, and got the great idea to share the love with all the women of the world. Thus Caroline was born, and the rest is history.

Since then, we’ve stayed true to our founder’s loving spirit. Caroline’s all about walking the talk about “real beauty for all”we only make and sell what we’d use ourselves, and give real, personal beauty advice from the heart because each of us is as passionate about beauty as you are. You can see for yourself with our free samples!

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and over 100,000 bottles of Refining Cream sold, Caroline is still going strong and doing it for you. So stay tuned for more beauty talk from us!