5 Things Hydration Does for Our Skin

Hey there, you lovely ladies! I’m sure we’re all familiar with moisturisers, but have you ever wondered why we use them and how they work?

Let’s take a look at these fast facts about why hydration is important for healthy skin!

Radiant Skin

The most immediate payoff: Moisturised skin is healthier and stronger, giving you that radiant glow! Hydration helps our skin look toned, smooth and radiant.

Minimises Wrinkles

Another thing hydration does for us is keep our skin elastic and wrinkle-resistant. So by moisturising our skin, we’re also preserving our youthful good looks!

Regulates Moisture

Our skin also regulates our own moisture so that it doesn’t feel too tight or dry. When our skin is too dry, it tends to generate more oil as a layer of protection for the skin. Hydration is important in avoiding generation of excessive oil.

Builds Up Skin Barrier

Of course, our skin has another job besides looking gorgeous: Protecting us! It keeps out pollutants on the outside while flushing out toxins on the inside. And our skin cells need hydration to stay healthy enough to do so.

Regenerates Itself

Our skin is always repairing itself, and it needs to stay hydrated and healthy so that it’s strong enough to do the job! And if our skin is healthy enough to heal itself, it also helps to prevent skin problems.

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? So remember to stay hydrated! Drink enough water each day (roughly two litres, or eight glasses), and use the right moisturising products for your skin’s needs! The best ones will help to bind moisture, prevent moisture loss, and lubricate your skin.

Our skin truly works overtime to keep us beautiful, so make sure to treat it right! You’ll look good, feel good, and help your skin to keep it that way! As a result, you’ll get a smooth, youthful, radiant look!

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