Carol Aw, Founder

As a young mother 10 years ago, I searched desperately to find a solution for my children’s serious acne problem.

Using my knowledge as a Beauty Trainer, I researched tirelessly until I discovered an effective formula that solved my children’s skin difficulties, then developed it into a complete skin care range for everyone.

To this day, we sell only what we use ourselves, providing “real beauty for all” – real results, real promises, and true care from the <3.

Kacy Lam,
Business Development Manager

My journey with Caroline Skin Care began as a user, when I was searching for answers to overcome my own skin condition. Thankfully, I discovered Caroline and all my skin problems went away. Today, I’m proud to educate the importance of skin care to the younger generation and share the power of Caroline Skin Care products to people from dozens of countries and growing.